Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Short Notice

Well, I’m going blog crazy aren’t I? I don’t know whether that’s a good thing or not. It gives me something to do at least. It’s just you my fellow readers that have got to sit through it. The sun is shining today and despite a misty ride to work this morning it seems to be brightening up after a weekend of rain.

My friend Bob (Robert) Simpson is arriving in Korea next weekend and I’m excited to see him. He’s been travelling around the world for months and months and Korea is his last port of call before he heads back home to the US. I met Bob on Cape Cod, I didn’t spend too much time with him on my first trip but on my second trip to the Cape we hung out a fair amount. He’s a great guy and I caught up with him via Skype last night. It was great to hear his voice which sounded full of life and happiness. I’m sure he’ll have a tonne of stories to tell me and I’m excited to hear about his travels.

In other news I arrived at school this morning to be informed that tomorrow is ‘Sports Day’. Brilliant. Oh, wait, it’s not quite the sports day I was expecting. It seems that at 14:00 the school is travelling to Chuncheon and going to a bowling alley (I’m not really sure if this is just teachers or students), after bowling we are going for dinner in Chuncheon and I’m hopefully getting a ride back with the school librarian. Nice of them to let me know with such notice, usually I wouldn’t find out about the venture until an hour before we're due to leave. The only downside to this is that I’m going to have to leave Natalie alone for the evening, something I would rather not be doing on our last week together. Despite this, I will try and have a good time and be affable about it.

Wednesday is pay day and Natalie and I were intending to book all of our flights, I suppose we’ll move that to Thursday now, as when I get in tomorrow night I doubt I’ll be in the right frame of mind to focus on the big trip and give it the attention it deserves.

I’ve planned eleven lessons in one hour and a half. That’s a personal record and has me sorted through to Thursday. Probably for the best. I’m assuming a few lessons are going to be cancelled this week but you can never be sure these days. I much preferred last semester when I got informed of cancellations and school events with a lot more notice. These days I’ll just turn up to class and wait to see if the students turn up, more often than not they don’t.

Such is life here in the mountains of Korea. Where farmers are starting to plough their fields and sew their crops. Where flowers and trees are finally blooming. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more to blog about soon, I’ll try and update about the trip to Chuncheon tomorrow. Natalie and I are off to Seoul this weekend and she flies home out of Incheon on Sunday morning. Sad face. Times are changing.

Oh the times they are a changing. 

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