Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Still Alive: Moscow

We've just spent five days on a train through Sibera without a lick of electricity (not enough to write a blog on anyway), so I haven't quite caught up with writing about Mongolia yet, however, in the next few days I'll be sure to do so. The Trans Siberian train journey was quite an experience and I'll be sure to write all about that in my next post as well. For now, we're in Moscow and staying with a wonderful family whom Natalie's family knows, Amy (Natalie's sister) went on an exchange program here a couple of years ago and they've stayed in touch. They've been super accomadating and we're all full of delicious Russian food and ready for bed. A real bed! Also, we've showered! After not showering for five days straight I can't tell you how good it felt to feel the water cascading down my body. Well, before this starts to get too erotic I'd better go. Keep an eye out for a much longer and more interesting blog in the next coupl of days. Until then.


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