Sunday, 16 September 2012

Still Alive: Laos

In true Nathanael style this is just a short update to let everyone know that we're still alive. I just wanted to post and tell everyone that we made it into Laos via the Huay Xai border crossing. It's beautiful here just watching the magnificent Mekong river floating on by. We are catching a slow boat to Luang Prabang tomorrow. The internet is few and far between here but I'll be posting about our adventures (last 4 days in Thailand) soon. Some stories will include having dinner in a Thai whore house (by accident), visiting the flooded Burma border, staying with rude hill tribe people, and visiting a temple which had Neo from the Matrix plastered on its interior, oh and we fed ostriches but were too scared to actually RIDE one. More of that to come when I finally have some internet and some time to write about Chiang Rai. For now we've just had a lovely dinner watching the sunset along the Mekong and we're looking forward to exploring Laos. Asta la viesta, baby.

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