Monday, 17 October 2011

Lazy Daze

This weekend was pretty quiet and steeped in anticipation of the arrival of my film. Friday night me and Natalie ordered a pizza, it was some kind of Bacon Supreme epic fill your stomach up to the brim pizza and was accompanied by wine and Scrabble with Nathanael and Russell. Nathanael is essentially the scrabble champion of the world and remains the undisputed and undefeated king of the scrabble ring. At one point he used up all of his letters and received a fifty point bonus. We all sucked. However, it was a fun relaxing night in. You see, we were going to go to Samcheok to see the underground caves this weekend but after much research we realised just how far this was, so we skipped out on it.

Saturday rolled around and we all got the 10:20 bus to Chuncheon. There’s a mountain in Chuncheon called Samaksan. It’s surrounded by beautiful waterfalls, temples and amazing rock formations. We thought we should probably check this out. Natalie was feeling a little worse for wear so we were taking it pretty easy. We got the bus to the mountain and started hiking, at first you go through this valley of rocks which takes you right next to these amazing little pools and waterfalls. Up quite a few steps and a rocky trail, about an hour and a half later we make it the temple which is near the top of the mountain but not quite there. As we reached the top the heavens they did open and it rained and rained and rained. We took shelter under the temple for a while and had some lunch before manning up and hiking back through the rain. After this we got the bus back to central Chuncheon and went to EMart to do some shopping. Natalie bought herself a new mug and we got some meat and fish in for the weekend. After this we got the bus back home. Oh, we had Dak Galbi. Obviously.

That evening Russell went drinking in Hwacheon with Ben, but Natalie had been ill so didn’t fancy it. Nor did I. Me, Nathanael and Natalie spent the evening watching crap youtube videos and an idiot abroad over some beers. Life in Korea isn’t all that unlike life anywhere else. There was a massive thunderstorm however and we thought it would be a good idea to go and watch it for a while. So, we did.

On Sunday it was still raining. We cooked some fish and potatoes for lunch and it tasted great! We went for a walk around Sachang and spent most of the day hanging out there. I noticed Ben walking outside my window and had an impromptu conversation with him. Apparently he thinks it wouldn’t be a problem if I went running on the track outside Sanae in the evenings, so I think I’m going to do that. I received my film but Ben didn’t feel up to anything (hungover) so we decided to watch it the next day. Me, Natalie and Nathanael (the ones who didn’t go drinking) went for some duck in duck village. I made duck village up, but the duck tasted good there. Another preferably lazy weekend that was then.

Next weekend the plan is to visit the JSA (Joint Security Area) which is where the North and South stand off, so next week I should have a pretty interesting blog for you. Until then chums. Until then...

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